archeo-hommage-octan (2020)

how does a spiral machine wash?
by induction, with Pisa numbers
repeated washing causes though
respiratory diseases

Now you need to answer the question (with one message, only text): If not Mars, then maybe Iceland?
we flew a week
landed on mars
desert on mars
in languor the Marsians
harm- selves, won’t understand
that maybe is
and maybe landia
maybe bjork will play us an encore

come see the beds and fields
walked through the sign of wild tornado

beneath the mask of a plush animal
I tore ’em down in forest/strange
two barber partridges
and chanting darkness
the forest cups brewed coffee some
revived the forest was

hear me the forest drops
the member of closed brotherhood

shoot all the way
unfurl in a trench
fall asleep as a barricade
as a thimble of the quarter
with wood chips in the womb
and a praerian sweater

we were for almost
generally alienation

the question was asked how are you
delirium network of people
gradation decomposed into two
of runner of adversarial epochs
stroked the neuron in order of reason
went down to the encoder and there
the dataset turned out to be a log
the gradient was drunk
went down by steps
ConvNets of the 80s
continued fraction reaction
was decomposed into the period
battle glitterch:
storing sensitive cascades
let’s season the amber sauce
decent raspberries don’t blink